How to memorise a large book like the New Testament

How to memorise a large book

Our mind is a real machine of associating ideas. A trained memory is based on a well-organized system of ideas, and the secret of a good memory is to make many associations of ideas for a particular thing, Professor William James believes.


In one of the largest universities in the world, Al-Azhar in Cairo, a 21,000-person Mohammedan institution, the admission exam requires each recipe to recite the Qur’an (which is about the New Testament), the book for which you have It takes three days for you to reread it. How do students succeed in memorizing the Quran? By repetition, the second “natural law of memory”. It is not enough, however, a mechanical repeat, parrot. The intelligent repetition, according to the well-established features of our mind, is the one that gives results, writes in the book “How to Speak in Public” – Dale Carnegie.

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Professor William James explains the secret of good memories As Professor James notes, our mind is a true machine-maker of ideas. A trained memory is based on a well-organized system of ideas. The secret of a good memory is to make many associations of ideas in case of a certain thing is nothing but the attention given to the subject in question. There are two ways we can remember something: first, through an external stimulus, and secondly, through an association with something that already exists in our minds. “There is a way of associating the main points, a simple, fast technique, but not necessarily infallible. Let’s say you have a speech and you want to talk about a bunch of things without any connection between them, so hard to remember: cow, cigar, Napoleon, home, religion. Let’s see if we can tie these ideas, like the links of a chain, with an absurd phrase. “The cow smoked a cigar and stunned Napoleon, for he also managed to fire a house full of believers”, explains James Williams. Answer which is the third, fourth, second or first discussion point. Works? Any group of ideas can be built into a sentence, and the more loud the phrase, the easier it will be.


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