Application for Institutional Membership

A: Institution details

Association, institute, school, college, university, department, unit, agency, etc.

Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, Professor, etc.

CEO, Director, Chair, Manager, etc.

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Please upload a scan of the registration document for your business or educational establishment (if applicable)

B: Staff details

QTS qualified, lecturers, tutors, etc. plus those who are ‘unqualified’ but holding a teaching positon.

Secretaries, bursars, etc. Should include those engaged directly in supporting the organisation.

Beginning teachers, teaching assistants, technicians, librarians, governors/trustees, etc.

C: Contact details

The person who is the point of contact between the College and your organisation. This person will receive the Newsletter, journal, etc.

D: Declarations

The College of Teachers is a responsible organisation. Data entered in this form will be shared with reputable third party organisations (such as government agencies) for purposes such as academic research. Your details will never be shared with commercial groups or for financial profit without your express prior permission. The way we treat your data will at all times conform to the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

Institutional Membership is retained on an annual fee payable from the first of the month when the Membership is approved. Institutional Members can apply to have some or all of their courses accredited by The College and thus become a College of Teachers’ Centre. An Institutional Member of The College can display the College badge-banner which MUST appear in accordance with the College’s policy. Institutional Members MUST gain authorisation from the College before using the badge-banner. You may not alter the badge-banner or associated text in any way. Original artwork will be provided by the College upon request.

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I declare that the statements made in my application are correct and I agree to abide by the Code of Professional Practice of the College of Teachers. I understand that membership could be rescinded if information is found to be false or misleading.

Please upload a scan of your signature with your name printed underneath to indicate your acceptance of the above. Alternatively you may prefer to send your signature by post.

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