What Makes a Great Speech? [Audio]

Speaker(s): Philip Collins | The talk will set out the conditions that have to be in place for a speech to be considered a great example of its kind. Philip Collins is a former speechwriter to Tony Blair and author The Art of Speeches. He had worked in…

Lessons in networking

Networking. It’s a polarising concept, for sure. But it’s one that, for success in life generally, let alone B-School life, is extremely valuable. It’s something that I’ve personally found deeply frightening, but lately, I’m growing to appreciate the importance of networking more and more. For this post, I wanted to share a few networking lessons […]

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£1.3m grant for epilepsy self-management trial

Researchers at King’s Institute of Psychiatry have been awarded £1.3m by the NIHR to assess the effectiveness of self-management education for adults with poorly-controlled epilepsy.

The future of retail banking?

Can banking integrate seamlessly with the day-to-day activities of consumers and interactions with their finances? Travis Ledwith explains how this might be possible.

Happy New Year 2013 New Business London Event

http://weboptimiser.com/about-us/london-event/ http://davidwhite.tv/ David White wishes you cheerful New Year for 2013. If you find yourself in business and keen to hit t… Related Post SES…