This is Money: Is it now impossible to keep up with the Joneses? Professionals once at the heart of the middle class squeezed out of the pay race by the City salary boom

Professor Bell told the newspaper: ‘Forty years ago there were very well-paid people around the country in manufacturing and they have all vanished. If you want to earn £1million it is difficult not to live in London.’This article was published o…

The Conversation: Budget 2014: experts respond

Chancellor George Osborne has unveiled his fourth budget. As the day develops, our panel of experts here give their take on what this budget means for the economy, healthcare, education, the environment and, of course, ordinary members of the public.Jo…

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Chris Higson – Fourth briefing of the ‘crisis compendium’

The School has been providing a regular commentary on the economic crisis and likely scenarios for the future. Chris Higson, Associate Professor of Accounting, provided his insights on the recession and the types of companies that will be affected

Marketing fundamentals

Marco Bertini, Assistant Professor of Marketing, talks about the essentials of marketing

The Gulf Times: The Third Industrial Revolution must create an ‘energy Internet’

For example, David King, the United Kingdom’s climate envoy, and the economist Richard Layard have called for increased investment in solar-energy technology. They point out that G-20 countries could “match the spending on the Apollo project”, which enabled manned moon missions four decades ago, by contributing only 0.05% of their annual GDP for 10 years.

This article appeared in the Gulf Times on 2 February 2014 link to article

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